Professional capabilities

  • Writing modular, performant and reusable code using design patterns
  • Building and maintaining high-load applications
  • Experience in delivering solutions for variety of platforms in a progressive enhancement way
  • Architecture and planning
  • Strong knowledge of the front-end

Professional experience

Front-end developerat Marfeel Solutions s.l.

present - 03-2016 / Barcelona, Spain

Maintaining and crafting new features in the Marfeel core product. Working both in front-end and back-end environment. Responsible for exploring new technologies with special focus on JavaScript and mobile performance.


Technical team leaderat Insys sp. z o.o

03-2016 - 06-2015 / Poznań, Poland

Close cooperations on projects with design and back-end teams, responsibility for product development, ensuring it’s delivered at the highest standard. Exploring and choosing right client-side technologies.


Front-end developerat Insys sp. z o.o

03-2016 - 02-2013 / Poznań, Poland

Building and maintaining software for the web and TV devices. Converting given design project into living applications. Working with modern video technologies, taking care of user experience.


Web developerat

02-2013 - 11-2011 / Gostyń, Poland

Working on the user interface, data scraping and implementing the new version of online shop based on Magento e-commerce platform.


Open source projects

Awesome Conferences

My own “pet project”. The idea behind Awesome Conferences is to create an open database of conferences and talks resources like videos or slides.


Koduj dla Polski

A platform that helps citizens to propose needs and changes in their neighborhood.


Freelance projects


My role was to convert given design project into a Wordpress custom theme. To meet requirements I had to implement custom plugins both in back-end and client side.


Current favourite stack

  • EcmaScript 2016
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Docker


Languages: JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C#

Frameworks and libraries: React.js, Backbone, jQuery, Spring

Environments: Browser, Node.js, Mobile

Soft skils: Communication, Leadership, Mentoring, Problem-solving, Team Player


Secondary School

2007 - 2004

Liceum Ogólnokształcące Im. Ziemi Gostyńskiej w Gostyniu.